Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, what's this all about you ask?
Lets start out with this. There is a blog for EVERYTHING. A blog for clothing, personal fitness, peoples kids, heck, even peoples cats. But have you really seen that many blogs about home decor/ interior decorating? Not me! I've searched and searched for inspirational blogs about decorating homes, and what have I found? One actual respectable blog. So, this blog is going to be your new best friend. A place for inspiration. A place to get fun and unusual ideas for your home/apartment. Go ahead, browse the crap out of this page and get some good ideas. If you're even feeling a little spontaneous, tell your friends about this blog. Have at it, and enjoy!

Mine/Yours, what does that mean?
If you are looking at the home page of Applauding Apartment, you will see a "mine" button and a "yours" button. The mine button simply is a separate page of pictures of my apartment/ photos that give me inspiration. The yours button is a separate page where bloggers can send in pictures of their home/apartment for others to see. Interested in sending in pictures of your home/apartment? Please email me.

I see an icon on your page that says, "Personal Lifestyle". What is that for?
The, "Personal life" button, is simply a way for me to blog about myself and interests. Although I love the home decor topic, I also love many other things that I want to share with all of you! And it's just a better way for you to get to know me.

More questions?
Feel free to email me with any further questions and/or leave a comment.


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