Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Wish List

I'm always finding things that I would enjoy for myself. Every month I am going to dedicate one post to my "wish list". Obviously, it will change every month. So, if you're feeling a little spontaneous/generous/wasteful with your money, go ahead and get me something from my wish list. Or just look at it and agree with how great all of these things are. Either way, I'm satisfied.

(Thanks, I go by Katie, for the monthly wish list idea)

One : Polaroid camera from ebay
Two : "Upcycled storybook pages" lampshades by ecru
Three : Milkshake (Mmm) via How Sweet It Is
Four : Time and Lace Dress from Modcloth
Five : Fox art by Encore Prints
Six : Railroad Romance Heel from Modcloth

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