Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiration #1

Well lets see here. I move into my apartment in exactly two weeks. I already have four fairly large boxes in my room packed and ready to go. A little ambitious... yes. I've been collecting little random items here and there for this apartment. I'll make sure to make a before and after post to show everything. I just need to remember, two more weeks Chandler, stop packing boxes already.

I really love when a room follows no pattern. Everything is mismatched, but somehow still comes together to make a good looking room. Sometimes people attempt this and it looks like a complete mess. Crossing my fingers this doesn't happen to me.
Books, books, books, and more books. I love my books, and I love putting them on shelves. I guess technology is cool and all, but electronic books? Come on! How are we supposed to show off our awesome collection of books if it's on an electronic source? Okay.... maybe I do own a Kindle. Doesn't mean I still don't love my books!
(all pictures on this post taken from design*sponge)

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