Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspiration #7 (Going Green)

So, I've been busy. Really busy actually. I've been moving into my apartment. Whew, what a tiring process. Thankfully, I have some really great friends who took time out of their schedule to come help me move couches, mattresses, dressers, and a lot of more crap. 

I really didn't think or process in my head, that moving would be sort of a lengthy process. I just sort of figured, wake up, put things in the car, and bling! Done. No Chandler, not one single bit. Somehow I must have let it slip my mind that I would be needing to move couches down a flight of stairs. How do you forget something like that? I don't know, but I sure did.
Today, I chose the inspiration to be, "Going Green".  Now this doesn't secretly insinuate that I'm some crazy lib or uptight republican. I'll just let that be unknown for now. This post is simply about incorporating green into your homes. I love the color green. I also enjoy green tea. The Hulk is pretty cool, and we can't forget about Yoda. And if I can, I try to recycle and conserve energy (another meaning of the term, "Going Green"). Get a little green in your life. It's awesome.
(all pictures in this post taken from Desgin*sponge)

Hopefully I'll talk to you all soon, but if not, please know that we are working on getting internet in our apartment. And we are still waiting for our appliances too (yes, we don't have a fridge or an oven right now...). 


  1. Wow, the photos you share are so awesome, I love the rainbow of colors. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. My boyfriend and I are currently fighting about where to put my green vintage love seat. It is becoming apparent that we do not have the room for it. Heartbreaking.

  3. </3, poor green vintage love seat.

  4. ahh why did i stumbled into your blog so late , wish i have discover your earlier

    so much cool stuff u shared which gives me so much new ideas to decorate my worn room

    ps congrats on your new apartment :)


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