Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inspiration #9

Guess who has wifi......
Okay, if you didn't guess, I do. We can still be friends if you didn't guess right though... anyways..

My inspiration today is simply, this house. Not only are these images beautifully taken, but the house is a masterpiece in itself! It could seem as if there is just a bunch of clutter everywhere, but I feel that the decorator placed every little thing in this house perfectly. Ugh. This is too good.
This house reminds me of an antique store, except for a really organized antique store. So many treasures to find and so many things to see.

A "safari expedition" feel anyone?

(all pictures on this post taken from design*sponge)

You know how I just moved into my apartment not too long ago? Well, I'm moving into this house, right now, and forcing the home owner to keep every item the way it is and leave it all for me to have and enjoy. I haven't told them this yet though. I'm sure it'll go over just fine when I show up at their door and let them know what's going on. 

Check out this homeowners personal blog! 

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