Friday, August 26, 2011

Hobbit Boots

These boots. Where do I even begin. First of all, I've seen this style of boot being worn around for the past two years or so. I saw a girl wearing them and immediately wanted them, to the point of stealing the pair she had off of her own feet. Joke. Ew sweaty feet, bad joke. Anyway, I stumbled across these little guys not too long ago at Urban Outfitters, and they were on sale (awesome). The only negative about these boots is that, they have the "hobbit" effect on me. I'm 5'7, and these make me appear to be 4'11. It's only because the boots hug my calves, which cause a mirage of midgetness. Oh well. I like people who are short anyway.
Or maybe I am just short and I'm in denial.. 
I am not perfect, and I will be the first one to admit to that.
 A. My hair looks like a birds nest
B. Looks like my three year old niece painted my nails/ or I closed my eyes and painted them while walking
C. Wrinkly fingers = Ew
But I still love myself and my imperfections. No ones perfect, so use your flaws to make yourself more unique and memorable (in a good way).

Outfit Details:

button up - Urban Outfitters
tank top - Urban Outfitters
watch - Macy's/ Sisters
nail polish - "Minted" by Revlon
shorts - J. Crew
shoes - Urban Outfitters
(wow shop at UO enough? geesh)


  1. I just love you perfectly messy bun! :) And that nail color is lovely. Rock on!

  2. love them! what brand are the boots? i can't seem to find them on the UO website. thanks!

  3. My boots were bought on clearance, so I'm afraid they might be all gone!
    Closest thing I could find to these boots, were these ones :


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