Saturday, August 20, 2011

So Very Vintage Saturday (Inspiration #3)

So I'm obsessed. Obsessed with vintage style. I can't help it! Every time I'm browsing the internet and stumble across vintage home decor photos, I MUST save on my desktop. See? Obsessed. How do I deal with this obsession? Dedicate saturdays as, "So Very Vintage Saturdays"!
I love this little area. The walls, being white, allows this area to have pictures that are all sorts of color. No theme needs to be followed and I love! I really enjoy how the table is white. If the table was black or even possibly brown, it would take away the shape and awesome oak color from the chairs. It would even possibly draw the eye away from the large, magnificent photos (which I love how they are hanging by clips! So creative).
White furniture : Allows decorations to be any colors/ helps the decorations pop/ draws the eye to that part of the room. 
Old antique mirrors, and lots of them? My best friends.
(all pictures on this post taken from design*sponge)
Clutter room? Beautiful mess? I'd have to go with fun and flowing room that doesn't follow the rules. Just my type of room.

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