Monday, August 22, 2011

Makeup Monday, yes.

I have to say, when it comes to makeup, I lack thereof. I'm that girl that roles out of bed, washes my face, and is ready for the day. Why don't I put make up on? Pure laziness. Come on Chandler, really? Yes, laziness. Sounds pretty ridiculous, but it's only true. So, I have dedicated mondays to my designated "makeup days".  I think I can try at least one day of the week! 
Lets have at it shall we? Everyone, I give you the, "Not too shabby" look.
Not too shabby : Natural look, but not too natural that you can't even tell there is makeup on you (fail). 

How to acquire the, "Not too shabby":
1. Smashbox Primer
2. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
3. MAC Foundation
4. MAC Eyeshadow
5. Bare Essentials Mascara
6. Sephora Lipstick/Lipliner
(someones a MAC fan..)

1. Primer : Apply all over the face! Gives the face a nice shine for photos
2. Concealer : Use under the eyes to get those bags hidden. Also use on any blemishes to get the flawless look that no one really has naturally. 
3. Foundation : Apply all over the face and under the neck(not too far down the neck). Blends everything together!
4. Eyeshadow : Okay, so I use eyeshadow for eyeshadow and eyeliner (saves money)! Line the top of your eyelids with eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow. I stay away from lining under, it tends to smudge.
5. Mascara : Coat bottom and top eyelashes to get the long lash and popping effect! 
6. Lipstick/liner : I chose to use a light pink color for the "Not too shabby" look. It works with my skin and keeps my look natural! 

(Thanks Keiko Lynn for the MM idea!)

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