Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inspiration #4

I think we need a little bit of kitchen inspiration. I love the kitchen.
Especially warm and welcoming ones. The ones with a lot of light and many different places to sit. The kitchen is where family can gather and prepare holiday meals, or just any meal in that case.
I also would have to say that the kitchen is my favorite room in a home, simply, because I love baking. Love it. Now I'm no professional, but doesn't mean I can't try and have fun! Kitchens usually smell good too. I like rooms that smell good (obviously).
Kitchen with a theme or without? 

(all photos on this post taken from design*sponge)

I think I really just enjoy white in every room. There is so much to do with white! It's like having a white canvas in front of you. You have options galore with how you will make your painting, so go crazy with it and make something you'll love! Decorating homes is just like painting a masterpiece. It is all yours and there is no going wrong.

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